Celebrate National Cachaça Day at Texas de Brazil

If you have ever been to Brazilian steakhouse, you have probably tried the signature drink of Brazil - the Caipirinha. It's a refreshingly sweet cocktail made of limes, simple syrup and Cachaça (the third most consumed spirit on the planet.) Cachaça is a distilled sugar cane product that is considered the first distilled cane spirit in the Americas, pre-dating rum by about a century.

If you haven't had the pleasure of trying a Caipirinha, September 13 is a perfect time to do so as Texas de Brazil will be offering $5 Caipirinhas all day in celebration of National Cachaça Day. 
I had the pleasure recently of dining at Texas de Brazil, a family-owned churrascaria restaurant where you can eat to your heart's content with an overflowing market table of salads and other specialties and a variety of fire-grilled meats. Churrascaria dining is always a fun, elevated dining experience and one that isn't complete without a Caipirinha.

As part of our dinner, myself and other media professionals were given a mixology class where we learned to make this delicious national cocktail of Brazil. It was incredibly easy and looked impressive and I was quite proud of myself. I shared my newfound cocktail making skills at a recent party at my niece and nephew's and wowed the gals with my muddling technique. :) Just a couple easy steps - Put your limes in a glass, add sugar or simple syrup and muddle, add ice and Cachaça and shake. That's it. 

We actually made three separate drinks at our mixology class as they had flavored syrups that could be added - so we made a traditional Caipirinha, a strawberry one and a passionfruit one. The strawberry was my fave.

Join in the celebration of National Cachaça Day and also celebrate Texas de Brazil's second anniversary with cocktails and a dinner experience. 

For more information on Texas de Brazil, visit http://www.texasdebrazil.com. They have locations in Chicago and in Schaumburg.