Afternoon Tea at Bakewell Bakery

There's this little bakery in downtown Flossmoor in the south suburbs that I adore. They specialize in British goodies...and boy are they good! Bakewell Bakery has amazing scones and cakes and macarons and shortbread cookies and other delightful and yummy treats.

This past spring I went to the bakery to cover a macaron class for an article I was writing for a local newspaper. It was so much fun, even though I was a bystander. The participants had a nice afternoon of baking shells then sipping tea, then making filling, then munching on fresh bread, then filling and packing the cookies, then finishing off a little more tea and tasting some macarons. 

It was around that time that I learned that they had afternoon tea. And since then I've been dying to go and trying to schedule a date with my sister for afternoon tea. I offered to treat her to tea for her birthday and over a month after her birthday, we finally made it in to enjoy tea. Reservations need to be made in advance and we planned it for a Thursday at noon.

It was so relaxing and inviting. Neither of us drinks coffee and we both really love tea, so this was perfect for us. But we weren't just looking forward to a cup of tea, but to all the little finger sandwiches and their sausage rolls and scones and desserts. The sausage rolls are a popular item that I had tried before, made with bangers that are prepared locally from an old family recipe of the husband of the owner, who is a native of England.

It was absolutely picture perfect and everything was delicious. Recently someone I know had posed a question on Facebook - if you could have just one indulgence for yourself each day, what would it be? It couldn't be money or or a big purchase - just something done as a treat for yourself every day. I think mine would be to have afternoon tea every day at Bakewell Bakery. :) 

As the holidays approach, making time for tea during the hectic season is a wonderful way to unwind - and just sip and enjoy and slow down. And it would make a wonderful gift for a sister, mom, daughter, granddaughter, co-worker or any girl friend to take them out for an afternoon tea date. Find more information here on what is included for afternoon tea. They also have a vegetarian option.

We loved the smoked salmon sandwiches with capers and the egg salad...really everything was amazing. I left there and went home and tried to duplicate the simple cucumber sandwiches and it was a FAIL. They weren't even close. We also got to sample a newer item at the bakery, the Coronation Chicken Sandwich. 

The scones, as always, were delicious. And the desserts - although we were really full before we got to them - were phenomenal. We had a bite of each one and took the rest home for later. I can't wait to return and enjoy tea there again.

Bakewell Bakery
1050 Sterling Avenue
Flossmoor, IL