Buzz Pop Cocktails

The new Buzz Pop Cocktails have been causing quite a stir. These yummy push pops for the 21+ crowd come in a variety 8-pack with 8 different crafted chef-inspired seasonal fruits whipped into restaurant-quality Italian Sorbet. They sound quite amazing!

The 100ml pops are fat free, 100% all natural with no sugars added and under 100 calories each - and the’re vegan, gluten free and certified Kosher to boot, so just about anyone who likes booze and likes fruit can enjoy these. And yes, they’ll be quite enjoyable at a 15% ABV.

The pops are available online at and can be shipped to most of the continental 48 states. They’re shipped frozen with discounted UPS next day air shipping.

There’s been such an overwhelming response that they are currently backlogged and not available for shipping until July 2nd.

The 8-pack contains 2 each of 4 different flavors, including Caribbean Breeze Sorbet, Pink Paradise Sorbet and Mango Passionfruit Sorbet. Three different variety packs can be purchased. Price for an 8-pack is $99.99. Flat rate shipping is $34.95. To order, go to


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