Mixology Class at Gallery 64: Wabash, IN

My cousin, Cindy and I took a recent press trip to Wabash County, Indiana and as part of our trip we were able to take a mixology class in Wabash at a cool space called Gallery 64. It’s a fun spot for private events where they also have a kitchen where they do catering. And they also do some events there that are open to the public, including this first-ever mixology class that was organized by Visit Wabash County. It was very popular and sold out in an hour, so we were lucky to get a spot. 

The owner, Mary, and her son, Logan, conducted the class. She’s an artist, author and teacher who was asked to cater an event several years ago and suddenly found herself adding “caterer” to her resume. She opened the creative space that has served as a hub for all kinds of creatives and wanna-be creatives looking to learn. Her cooking classes were very popular and she had trouble keeping up with the demand. So, she’s got quite varied background, but isn’t a trained chef or mixologist - however, her passion for everything draws you in. The interaction between her and her son was entertaining and she’s definitely got the personality to host her own cooking show.

Anyway, on to the class. It was part demo, part recipes, part sampling and part trivia. She showed us how to make each drink - there were three (a cosmo, an old fashioned and a chocolate martini) - and added in a few tips she’s learned, recommended different types of spirits to use, shared fun facts about how the drinks originated, gave us a printout of recipes and then poured them for each of us.

Logan had a new toy that he was excited to show off that enabled him to smoke the old fashioned drinks that we were trying that night. I’ve had smoked cocktails at several different places and always love the show. I also learned there’s an easier way for smoking at home with a little glass insert that you can fill with wooden pellets to easily smoke a single glass.

We also got a peek and sampling of Mary’s catering skills with a little spread of snacks  that included spinach artichoke dip and homemade cheddar jalapeƱo foccacia bread, which was amazing. It was served warm and the cheese was oozing. Being the carbaholic I am, I could have dived into a whole loaf.

It was a lovely event with 20 of us in attendance and at the end of the night everyone was asking when the next one is. It may be a little bit and Mary and Logan are busy renovating a nearby building for their new restaurant that will open this summer called Moon Dog. I also love that the event was a collaboration with their visitors bureau. There are a lot of non-profit and community organizations that are doing great things there and I look forward to visiting again in the future to see how everything progresses. For more on Gallery 64, visit gallerysixtyfour.com