Tea of the Day is Back for 2023

If you have been following us for a while, you might remember the year I made a new year's resolution to try and make my way through my big tea collection, trying a new tea each day and seeing how long I could go without duplicating. It was fun. I made my way through my tea shelf and started ordering assortment packages. Some tea brands sent me samples to try. It was a fun year. I kept it going throughout the year. I didn't have tea every day - sometimes I'd miss a day or two and when I got really sick with COVID late that year and was hospitalized, the tea a day went by the wayside. But, I did end up trying 276 teas in 2020.

As 2021 began, I started off with some new teas, but it fizzled quickly. That spring I started on a weight loss journey that extended all year. I greatly decreased the sugar I was consuming. I also made water my main beverage and saved the calories for the food I wanted to enjoy. At that time, I had to have sugar in my tea. And a lot of it. So I abandoned tea for a little bit there. Lately, I've been enjoying it again. I finally got to a point where I can drink it without any sugar. And now that we're in a chilly time of year, I sometimes just feel like having a warm beverage.

So, as 2023 is beginning, I'm getting back to the Tea of the Day routine. I'll try to post daily on social media and update the list here from time to time.

Here's where I'm at so far:

1) Good old basic Lipton tea. :) I've had so many glasses of iced tea using this - and it makes for a simple, comforting cup of tea.

2) Republic of Tea Pineapple Ginger. Green Tea. My friend, Sean, shared some of this with me a few months ago and I loved it. My favorite had been ginger peach, but this is my new favorite. 

3) I really love Republic of Tea and for day 3 it was another favorite of theirs - Wild Blueberry.

I'm looking forward to getting back to some old favorites and finding new ones. Please let me know if you have a favorite that I should try.

A recent tea I had that I loved was a "Nutcracker" tea - a seasonal variety offered during high tea at The Drake Hotel in Chicago. The foodie sisters and a friend got together for Holiday Tea and it was one of the flavors we tried - highlighted by vanilla and hazelnut. Wish I could have that again right now.

Anyway, thanks for following along!