Pour Bros Taproom: Champaign, IL

I love a good pour-your-own taproom. And it’s not a road trip unless we hit at least one brewery or taproom. So, in heading home from a central Illinois trip to visit family, we sought out a place on our way home. It was midday and every brewery we checked wasn’t opening until later in the day. 

We did find Pour Bros. Taproom in Champaign, though, which opened early. So we took a little detour and parked. I am a sampler and sipper. I don’t often drink a full glass of anything but water. I’m always hesitant to order a full serving of a beer without tasting it first. It sucks to order a pint and then discover you don’t like it when it arrives at your table. 

So, I love places like this where you get a card to drop above the tapper handle to charge your purchase to and pick your pour and how much. I like going through and getting just a sip of several different brews. I had some sours, a cream ale, red ale, Oktoberfest, Porter. Just a sip and then if I like it I can go back for more. 

If you find yourself in this college town, swing by to try some brews. There’s also a big selection of board games, skee ball and arcade games.

Pour Bros. Taproom
40 E. University Drive
Champaign, IL