Junk Ditch Huntington Tap

When I visited Junk Ditch Brewing in Fort Wayne, it became an instant favorite. Not just for the beer, but for their amazing food options. It was truly one of my favorite meals I have ever had. I was impressed by the use of bonita flakes on the crab cake, the most pillowy of gnocchi and a fantastic fisherman's stew.

We enjoyed it so much, we stopped back before heading out of town for some more beer and the dessert I didn't have room on the previous visit.

A couple weeks ago we were in Huntington to check out Nick's Kitchen (best breaded pork tenderloin I have ever had!) and as we were heading out of town, we happened to drive by Junk Ditch Huntington Tap. I didn't realize they had another location and we had to stop - even though we'd just eaten. 

We intended on just trying a beer or two, but it turned out they were serving brunch and I couldn't resist the chicken and waffles after seeing it brought out to other tables. It was as good as it looked. So excited to know there's another location to visit of this favorite brewery and eatery.