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While visiting Fort Wayne in late October, our first stop when we got into the city was for dinner at Junk Ditch brewing. My husband and I were both blown away by the food. It was far beyond what we expected from a brewery. We loved the beers and the food. A couple days later as we were headed out of town, we turned back and returned to Junk Ditch brewing to get a growler of the Tsar Bomba Imperial Stout that we liked so much. We also got a second growler of the 3 River Distiling 7 Junk Ditch Brewing Rye Barrel Detrius Porter. And well...we didn't want to grab it and run, so we sat at the bar and lingered for a bit.

On our earlier visit, we filled up and passed on dessert, but I just could not stop thinking about a dessert I'd seen on the menu - an apple & fig tart with buttermilk sherbet. As good as the food was, I knew the desserts would be equally as scrumptious and I had been kicking myself for passing it up. So, I ordered a little 5-ouncer of stout and the apple and fig tart and it was as wonderful as I'd hoped. We then packed up our things and hit the road and we couldn't have left on a sweeter note. For more info, visit

One thing I like about the place is that they also work closely with local farms and producers. I can't wait to get back to that area and have another meal and a flight there.