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Tips on Tipping

After some discussions and observations over the past year and seeing some lengthy Facebook threads, I thought this was a good topic to research and publish my findings on: tipping.

What kind of tipper are you? And do you feel that tipping is a bonus that you give for good service - and that you are not at obligated to offer? Or do you recognize that waitstaff typically receives a small wage that is far below minimum wage with tips expected to make up the difference? Are you generous? Do you give tips very sparingly? Have you ever stiffed a waitress because you were unhappy with the service?

Although many diners feel that tipping restaurant staff is at their own discretion, that's only partly true. Because of the wage gap, tipping is tied to minimum wage levels.

Here is a tip guide that comes from

THE USUAL TIP IS FIFTEEN (15) TO TWENTY (20) PERCENT ON THE PRE-TAX AMOUNT OF THE BILLself-service restaurants: 10% extra accommodating waiters: an extra $5.00 for extra…

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