Grillin' jeep style

I just came across this while I was cleaning out my photos on my computer. Just thought I'd share for the foodies out there. This is a custom grill my husband made with the front end of a Jeep Wrangler. Lift up the hood and there's a big space for grilling. He only used it a couple times and got tired of the space it was taking up in the garage, so he sold it to some guy in a Jeep club. I thought it was so cool and clever. Maybe he'll make another one of these days. Or if someone is looking for a custom model something like this, he may be persuaded to build another.


  1. Oh wow! Too bad he let it go. This is something people would really be interested in if they saw this. Anyway, I really hope he builds another one like this because he certainly is innovative. Good luck to you both!

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