Hoping to try some monkey cakes soon

Ok, I know I've posted previously on Scrambled Diner. But I just LOVE it. I have to make a trip back there soon because I want to try this:
It's called monkey cakes - stacks of pancakes with bananas, chocolate syrup, bacon and I think there's also some peanut butter sauce in there - then it's topped with whipped cream. Seems much more like a dessert than a breakfast. Maybe I will have to make it a lunch time dessert. I just know it will be awesome -- everything else there is. I've usually gotten egg dishes when I've gone. Always love them. And the homemade sausage is superb. Oh, my mouth is watering. Monkey cakes, here I come.


  1. Awesome!! My kids will definitely love this!!

    Following from the blog hop :)


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