Polar fruits decent alternative if you're feeling fruity

So, it's hard to get good fruit in the Midwest in the winter. Grocery produce is usually not so great. Even the fruits that are in season in other warm climates take days to get to stores, either being picked before peak ripeness or starting to soften and sour by the time you get your hands on them. The other day, I got this awesome pack of raspberries! They were so beautifully colored and really big. My 6-year-old was so excited because he hasn't had any in about a month and he loves them -- especially picked right off grandpa's bushes in the summer time. He had inhaled half the carton within a couple minutes and then tucked the rest of the carton in his lunchbox for the next day before his brothers spotted them.

So, they strategically place a few of the little bakery shortcakes along side the berries and I gave in. However, I like strawberries on mine and the fresh strawberries looked horrible. So, I saw these Polar Brand fruits in a jar on sale for $1 each and decided to give them a try:

They are definitely not anywhere as good as the real thing, but a decent alternative if you want some strawberry shortcake in January. It's packed in light syrup, so it's healthier that the frozen variety that is packed in a sugary sauce. Tried the blackberries, too. You may need to sprinkle a little sugar on top...or add a dollop of Cool Whip on top to finish it off.