Belly Flops from the factory

Over the summer, we took a short trip up to Kenosha, Wisconsin where we spent some time on the beaches, visited museums, checked out the Taste of Wisconsin, did some shopping - and hit my kids' favorite attraction in the area - the Jelly Belly Center in nearby Pleasant Prairie. The beans aren't made there, but it's a distribution center and you can take a ride in a nifty little train for a tour through the warehouse where you watch a presentation on television screens about the company's history and the Jelly Belly making process. You also get a look at some awesome Jelly Belly art. It is quite fun, especially when you know you'll be getting free samples at the end.

At the conclusion of the ride, you get a little sample bag and then it's on to the gift shop. In the gift shop, there's a tasting bar where you can get favorites like cherry and buttered popcorn, but also less desirable flavors, like vomit and dirt. There are also candy corns, gummy candies and chocolates that you can try, as well. I'm especially fond of the soda flavored ones - root beer, Dr, Pepper, 7-up, orange crush. Yum! We always head out with a bag of goodies. And we ALWAYS get some belly flops. They are the beans that still taste good, but don't look perfect and you get big bags for a discounted price. If you're heading north from Chicago through Wisconsin, think about making a little side trip in Pleasant Prairie for a fun, free little tour, some tasting and a bag of flops.