Journeyman Distillery

It's now been a year since the Journeyman Distillery opened in Three Oaks, a place that we kind of consider our home away from home. We frequent the small town often in the summer months with the kids, but once school was back in session, we decided to make a grown up visit and finally see what was going on in this portion of the old Featherbone Factory.

I was pleased to see the care that went into the design of the Journeyman Distillery. It contains the original maple wood factory floors and the rest of place is filled with century-old wood that came from an Indiana schoolhouse - shabby chic at its finest.

The tasting bar is where you can try out some of their small batch whiskey, rum or vodka either as a flight or in a mixed drink. Hubby tried a flight and we left with a bottle of Ravenswood Rye.

If you like what you sample, you'll find a variety of bottles for purchase on site.

And you can get a peek at the production process as all of the liquor is made on site with equipment behind glass for viewing.


Visit for more information on the company and what they offer.