Moosbacher Lager

My husband and his dad love German beers. No surprise there -- my father-in-law grew up in Germany, coming here in his late teens. Hofbrau is his favorite. Spaten and Dab will do if it can't be found. Each of them are cheaper and more easily available. Here's another one that my father-in-law is fond of and that I like just as much as the others mentioned. It's a light beer, which is what I prefer. No dunkel for me! Anyway, look at that cool bottle that it comes in! If you're a fan of imports, be on the lookout for this one. :)


  1. Hi! Great blog. I was wondering if you could ask Jennifer to check her email. I've been trying to contact her about Foodie Penpal. Thanks!

  2. Hi, Rebecca! Did you get in touch with her?


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