Tortilla pizzas are fast and easy

Pizza used to be something we'd have when we ordered from an area pizzeria and had it delivered to the house. Occasionally  I'd make a frozen pizza for the kids. However, in the past couples years, especially as I've started making more meals on the grill, I've found how easy it is to make your own and how good it tastes with fresh ingredients. I love using flatbread for a crust....or French bread or English muffins or tortillas.

When I do them on the grill, I use two as a base so it holds up better under all those toppings. Some favorite toppings of mine are tomatoes, spinach, bacon, mushrooms and green peppers.

The kids go for a simple cheese and pepperoni version.

How about you? What do you lik on top? And what's your favorite kind of crust?