Children's Museum of Indianapolis Cafeteria

One thing that has always been a bummer as I have been raising kids is that many venues that you go to don't offer much good stuff when it comes to the lunch break. There have been so many times that all there is to pick from is hot dogs and really bad pizza. And the kids often don't mind it, but I'd really like for them to have something healthier and I definitely want more of a selection.

The Children's Museum in Indianapolis has one of the best cafeterias I have seen at a kids venue. First of all, it's open and airy with lots of windows, which I love. And food offerings are way beyond hot dogs and pizza. There are many enticing variations of kid favorites and the adults aren't bound to just kid food. I love that you can get a soup, sandwich or salad there that would rival a trendy downtown cafe.

So, if you happen to be heading to the museum, you can look forward to a nice grown-up lunch.