Foodie Pen Pal: January 2014

I have participated a couple times in the past in a Foodie Pen Pal program that is organized by a lady named Lindsay who blogs at the Lean Green Bean. It is such a fun program. You get a chance to sample some fun foods you wouldn't otherwise try.

In the past I've been introduced to goodies such as TastyKake, which isn't available in our area, Trader Joe's Cookie Butter and somen noodles to name a few. I usually try to send a little taste of Chicago in the packages I send - usually in the form of gourmet candy from Gayety's or Fannie Mae.

So, my pen pal this time was a lady named Meredith from Massachusetts who was participating for the first time. She's not a blogger, but said she follows a lot of food blogs. We corresponded via e-mail in advance, which helps give an idea of what is appropriate to send and what some of the items are that the other may like.

In my package were an assortment of goodies, including some amazing chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate oatmeal and a cherry and almond dark chocolate bar (she was paying attention when I noted that I like chocolate!) Some organic chips and falafel thins were also included (I tried the falafel thins this past week with some dip and it was a great scooper!) I also tried out the quinoa that was enclosed - it's become a favorite side dish here. I love it as a side and this time used it in a wrap with some pork and mixed greens. It was fabulous! Rounding out the assortment was a jar of roasted red pepper spread, which I think I may use for some stuffed bread.

Thanks, Meredith for being my pen pal! You did a great job and it was a lot of fun! Can't wait to try out  the rest.