Nortons U.S.A. sells all American-made products

This place has been on my radar for quite sometime. I love that everything in the store is American made. Sometimes it is hard to find such items and so many big box stores go to cheaply-made, poorer quality products that are produced overseas. Kudos to Norton's for offering a spot to that supports many small businesses making their products here in the United States.

I haven't had a chance to visit the store, which by the way is closed until the end of January, in Barrington, but I've scanned the webstore, where you can find everything from holiday decor to tools to gardening goods. And, of course, there is a section full of food items. Check out the website,, to see a variety of sauces, syrups, mixes, jellies and more.

Norton's U.S.A.
400 Lageshulte 
Barrington, IL