Open faced spinach, egg and cheese muffin

I have mentioned on the blog before that I am so not a breakfast person. For years I have been trying to train myself to eat early in the morning and I almost always fail. I simply don't get hungry until I've been awake for about 3 or 4 hours, but I am making an effort. Even today I am eating by breakfast at 11 a.m.

Part of my resistance to eating breakfast is that a lot of breakfast stuff is just not healthy and I don't want to start the day with something not good for you or that is good for you, but has too much sodium or fat or carbs thrown in.

I really dislike sweet things in the morning like doughnuts. I don't really care for cereal - just a couple that I might eat like Grape Nuts or Corn Flakes (and yeah, maybe Cap'n Crunch.) I don't like oatmeal. I don't like pancakes very much. Waffles, crepes, French toast - I could take them or leave them.

If I eat, I usually just like a simple piece of toast or an English muffin or I want to go all out and have scrambled eggs with cheese and veggies in them and bacon and hash browns and toast.

Anyway, I have found one thing I like to make that seems like a good compromise. Doesn't seem much good in having just toast and seems like I go overboard if I go the other route with a big, big breakfast. I found that an English muffin topped with a few things is something I like the taste of and feel good about eating.

Here's what is pictured:

A whole grain English muffin, toasted
On each muffin is 1/2 of a slice of Kraft extra thin Swiss cheese
A few spinach leaves
Boiled egg slices
Freshly ground pepper

You've got your whole wheat carb, dairy, vegetable and protein all in one easy to make and easy to eat breakfast.

Some other additions I have used are:

spicy brown mustard
goat cheese
bacon bits
shredded cheese