Peppermint white chocolate dipped goodies

We didn't do a lot of holiday baking this year, but…we did do a lot of dipping. My sons love to get the Wilton chocolate discs to melt down and then dip pretzels, marshmallows or other goodies. We'd already done some batches of milk chocolate and white chocolate. This time I came across some white chocolate with peppermint and I knew the kids would love melting and dipping it. We made some batches of treats to take to Christmas day dinner at my sister's house.

Once we ran out of marshmallows and then the kids got tired of dipping pretzels, we pulled out some Oreos and graham crackers and finished up on those. I found some really cute little candy cane sprinkles that were perfect to add.

Unfortunely, I'd run out of the cute straws I used last time. I would definitely recommend picking up some of these (I got mine at JoAnn Fabrics) as they really make a difference in presentation!