Smashmouth Burger: Schererville, IN

Ok, I know I am off on holidays here, but I am cleaning up the computer as we move in to the new year and don't think I put up a post about our most recent visit to Smashmouth Burger in Schererville, IN.  We were there for the Trick-N-Eat event just before Halloween. It's a fun event where families come in costume and enjoy discounted meals and free treats for the kids.

My oldest is a fan of the show The Walking Dead. I don't watch, so not familiar with this guy, but he made his own costume with this contraption on his arm to resemble the character "Merle" on the show.

Because the burgers are pretty large, I love that they have these mini ones available. The shredded pickles on the burgers are awesome! There's also a tangy sauce that accompanies the burgers that are placed on fresh, warm, buttered buns.
And these were my other crazy characters.


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