Albanese Candy Factory

If you have a sweet tooth, the Albanese Candy Factory is a spot you may want to add to the itinerary of your summer trip if you'll be traveling along I-65. Located just a little east of I-65 in Merrillville, the candy factory has windows to peek in to see some of the packing/production, a giant chocolate fountain (for decoration only) and a store full of sugar, sugar and more sugar.

One of my sons plays in a soccer league and we travel out to Valparaiso for games on occasion causing us to drive right past the candy factory. Well, it's not the kind of place drive by without stopping. We had to pull in and get a few treats to take home. I love all the premium chocolates and got about a half-dozen varieties in little quarter pound bags. My favorite on this trip was the chocolate covered pecans.

Albanese Candy Factory
5441 E. Lincoln Hwy
Merrillville, IN