Furin Japanese Restaurant and Bar in Valparaiso

I’m spending a bit of time in Valparaiso this month as I take my son to some rehearsals. They have a really great food scene in this college town and county seat and I love when I get a chance to hang out and explore a bit. Problem is that there are so many good places to eat and there are more new ones popping up all the time. When I visit Valpo I try to go to a place I haven’t been to before.

On a recent rehearsal day, I had to drop off my teen from 3 - 5 p.m., so I had a perfect window to enjoy a leisurely lunch. I was just a few blocks off the square so started seeking out a spot to enjoy lunch. I also posted in a fun food page in the area called Phil’s Phoodie Phinds - and the members there always give good dining suggestion.

A couple people had recommended a spot I hadn’t been to before, so I was headed there...but then I spotted Furin Japanese Restaurant and Bar on Lincolnway and decided to pop in there for a light lunch. I wasn’t really hungry and a simple sushi roll sounded perfect.

Well, once I started looking at the menu, I went a little overboard. I love tempura battered anything and so I decided to go with a bento box along with some green tea. It came with a salad with the ginger dressing that I really love!!!

The bento box I ordered came with tempura veggies - and a good variety of them (zucchini, mushroom, onion, sweet potato), three of the shumai (a little bite-sized dumpling I have never had before that was very good), white steamed rice, tempura shrimp and 3 California roll. Needless to say, it was way more than I could eat. I made it about half-way through the meal. I also knew that when I picked up my sushi-loving son from rehearsal, he would be excited to finish the other half of my bento box. It could easily feed two (light appetites).

I’m so glad I stopped at this place for a bite. It was between the lunch and dinner crowd, so it was quiet and very enjoyable. It’s one more place I can cross off the Valpo dining list. 

Furin Japanese Restaurant & Bar
21 Lincolnway
Valparaiso, IN