Dog Haus in Lincoln Park

Guess what? It's National Hot Dog Month! Who knew? Of course, July is an appropriate time to celebrate this classic American food as we're in the thick of the summer barbecues. However, if you want to up your hot dog game, Dog Haus Beirgarten in Lincoln Park is the place to go.

Founded in Pasadena, California in 2010, Chicago now has a Dog Haus of its own. Serving hand-crafted all-beef sausages of Black Angus that is humanely-raised with no antibiotics or hormones, you know you are getting a great product. They also serve everything on Hawaiian rolls, which takes them up yet another notch.

I had the opportunity to sample several of the menu items at a recent Chef's Table event hosted by the Local Tourist. We tried out six different sandwiches along with some cocktails and it gave us a great overview of what they have to offer and what sets them apart from your average dog place.

Even if you are a hard-core Chicago-style hot dog junkie, you are going to find something here you like. The dogs have fun creative names with a variety of unusual toppings.

We tried out two of the haus dogs: the Old Town and the Sooo Cali. The Old Town is a smoked bacon wrapped dog (how could you not love that???) with caramelized onions, chipotle aioli, pickled jalapeños and cojita cheese. The Sooo Cali had wild arugula, avocado, tomato, crispy onions and spicy basil aioli. Good stuff!

We also sampled four of their sides - the original fries, sweet potato fries, tater tots and onion rings. All got a big thumbs up - especially those perfectly crispy tots.

One of the cocktails we sampled was the frosé. It was my first time trying this refreshing cocktails and became an instant favorite. Perfect for sipping on a summer day. We also tried a couple craft beers on tap and the Daly Drinker of vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup and iced tea.)

Next up were two of the Haus Sausages, the Cocky Balboa and the Reservoir Hog. The Cocky Balboa is an Italian chicken and mozzarella sausage with wild arugula, pickled peppers and spicy basil aioli. The Reservoir Hog, a Polish kelbasa, was topped with haus chili, haus slaw and mustard. Both were so good - and that toasted Hawaiian roll makes all the difference!

We then moved on to try a cheeseburger and a Bad Mutha Clucka chicken sandwich - and both were amazing. So even for those who might not be huge fans of hot dogs or sausages, there's other options as well. 

Stop on in and give them a try - you will leave smiling after a fabulous meal.

2464 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 
(773) 935-3647