Diana’s Mexican Bakery

So I write for a local paper in Lansing called the Lansing Journal and I'm always trying to find way to work in articles about food. So, I suggested to my editor an article focused on all the Hispanic food businesses in Lansing - I counted 9 in all. There are several markets and restaurants in town and there's also a bakery. It had changed names since I'd last been in there. And since I needed to do a little research, I made a trip over there.

They carry a number of traditional Mexican pastries and cakes and I kinda wanted to try everything. One of the boys was with me and he picked out a few things...which were devoured shortly after we got home and I didn't get a single bite of anything I purchased. I guess that just means I need to make another trip back there. :) 

Diana's Mexican Bakery
19124 Burnham Ave.
Lansing, IL