Australis Barramundi

I love seafood and my kids do, too. And that is something I love because fish is way healthier than other foods kids typically are drawn to like hot dogs and chicken nuggets and burgers. When they were pretty young they loved fish sticks, but when I got wiser and realized that it's not such great quality fish that is in them and you've got the extra carbs and calories of the breading, I started making more fish filets - baked or boiled or grilled. 

Every time I make fish it gets gobbled up. I've made them orange roughy and salmon and tilapia and trout and others - all simply baked or prepared on the grill, usually with a little lemon or some light seasoning.

Last year when dining at a Cooper's Hawk location I tried barramundi for the first time. It's on their menu and I loved it immediately. I found this at Mariano's recently and got a couple packages. It was a big hit with everyone. I loved the lemon herb butter sauce, which worked so well because it's mild in flavor. If you haven't tried out barramundi before, be on the lookout for it. I've been told it's a superfood - about half the calorie of salmon and it has the highest level of Omega-3s among all white fish. I took time to look up the company and learn a little about their ocean-farmed process. You can learn more at