Biscuits and Gravy at Troost

We have this adorable coffee shop in Lansing, IL called Troost (it rhymes with roast). I'm not a coffee drinker, but I stop in once in a while for some tea and I was so excited when they expanded their menu and added one of my favorite breakfast dishes - biscuits and gravy. 

When it was first added to the menu a while back I ordered biscuits and gravy, which came in a mug and was a sizeable portion. Then on my most recent visit I ordered biscuits and gravy (and I added some scrambled eggs) and it came in a bowl. It was a lot of food. I ate half and packed up the other half for breakfast the following day. I love the addition of smoked gouda and the fact that they don't skimp on the sausage in the gravy. 

I did learn that I have to get there early in the day for it. Next time I stopped by it was lunchtime, so the biscuits and gravy weren't available...but I got a chance to try out the Troost Toast. I'll fill you in on that on a future post.

Troost Coffe & Tea
18155 Roy St.
Lansing, IL