Little Italy: Dyer, IN

I've posted in the past about this lovely little Italian restaurant not far from home in Dyer, Indiana called Little Italy, but figured it was time for another post as I came across these pictures from another beautiful meal there. Everything is from scratch and so delicious and fresh.

I always love starting out a meal with their fresh bread, oil and cheese and then a crisp, fresh salad. They have the "Little Italy" and "Big Italy" portions for family style. Usually hubby and I will get two small portions and share. The entrees also come with a side of ziti and I always ask for alfredo sauce rather than red sauce - it's so good. I also love all their appetizers and the toast trio I had on this visit was so delicious!

The entrees include a number of chicken, fish dishes and more. I've tried quite a few over our visits and have never had anything that I didn't like. The cocktails are also quite tasty, but I skipped it on this visit in favor of dessert. Oh, speaking of dessert. Tiramisu is my fave and they definitely knock it out of the park with their version. Don't leave without saving room for it!

For more information, visit their website