Book Signing at The Simple Greek in Munster, In.

Ok, for a moment, remember back to February. It was a different world. COVID-19 was note quite in regular vocabulary yet. I released a children's book - my 7th book - last fall and had set up a book signing at a local restaurant I love called The Simple Greek. It's a fun, fast-casual spot that is like a Subway for Greek food. You go down the order line directing the employees on what to put in your sandwich or fill in your bowl. The food is so fresh and delicious and has been a favorite local spot of mine since it opened a couple years ago.

So, my newest book is about a dog who a picky eater, but he finally decides to give a new food a try because it rhymes with him name. The book is called Waffle Likes Falafel. Because falafel is a staple on the menu there, I reached out to the owner to see if they'd be willing to host a book signing there for me. I was on hand to chat with customers and sign copies and they offered free samples of falafel to those who attended.

It was a very successful event. I met new people who heard about the book and regular customers who were just stopping in for lunch. I'd also promoted it heavily on social media and had a lovely string of special people stop in to see me and buy books - coworkers I hadn't seen in over a decade, mom friends, travel blogger friends, my sister-in-law and niece, a teacher friend and others. I felt so special that so many took time out to come see me and celebrate my new book.

After I was done I enjoyed a yummy gyros bowl. I swear I could eat there every day. If you love fresh and fast Greek, be sure to check this place out. The Greek fries are also amazing.

Oh, and if you are looking for a fun Christmas gift idea I have a supply of books that I can sign and mail out for those special little ones in your life - especially those who aren't the most adventurous eaters. If interested, send me an email at and I'll get one signed and shipped. It's $10 per copy and $2 for shipping payable by PayPal, CashApp, Venmo or check.

My former co-worker Marilyn

My adorable niece, Ari, who is not the most adventurous eater. The book is dedicated to her and her brother, Eli.

My darling friend Nina stopped by for a copy with her son.

One of the teachers from my kids' elementary school visited with her kids to purchase a book.

Some customers were having lunch and decided to get a signed book.

The food at The Simple Greek is fresh and so good. It's one of my favorite local fast casual spots.