Render Meat & Potatoes: South Bend, Indiana

I've marked this down as one of the best meals I've ever had. Render Meat & Potatoes has definitely made it's way into my top 5 restaurants in the Hoosier State. It was a last-minute spur of the minute stop. On our last visit to South Bend we were getting ready to leave town, but a big storm was moving in and rather than driving right into it, we decided we'd stay for dinner in the area and hopefully it would clear up by the time we left.

It was a gloomy weeknight and we got there right as they opened. We made an online reservation just in case we needed it. We were the first customers to arrive, but the place filled quickly.

This salad. OMG. Best salad of my life. This caesar salad was like no other one I'd had before with warm, wilted romaine. On top of it were generous amounts of perfectly seasoned chicken that was so juicy. Homemade croutons. Housemade dressing. Parmesan crips. It's been a few months since we were there, but I still dream of this salad and I would absolutely make the drive back to have this salad again.

There's a nice selection of cocktails, like the classic old-fashioned set atop a wood in this nicely decorated space with such a cool and classy vibe. Could the stenciled walls be any cuter?

I had the salad as my meal. My husband got a strip steak and steamed veggies. I tried a bite of each and really - it was perfection, just like the salad. I'll definitely have to revisit this East End eatery and try more. I have no doubt everything there will be just as good.

Adorning the wall were paintings of some familiar faces - including two Chicago chefs, Stephanie Izard, and Grant Achatz along side Anthony Bourdain.

Be sure to put this one on the foodie bucket list. And be sure to tell them that the Chicago Foodie Sisters sent you!

521 Jefferson Blvd.
South Bend