Clementine’s Too: St. Joseph, MI

On a little day trip through St. Joseph, Michigan, we decided to stop for a bite at this nice little dockside spot. There was a nice selection of seafood and some classics like burgers. As I was keeping a close on on carbs, I opted for some shrimp cocktail, which hubby and I split. And then we shared a burger and I ditched the bun...but as hard as I tried to stay away from those scrumptious onion rings, I had to have one and it was pretty heavenly since I hadn't had any fried foods for quite a while. The burger was pretty tasty, too.

It was to chilly on our visit to do much more than run from the car to the door, but I'd love to return in warmer weather to fully enjoy the patio and space around the restaurant. They also have another location (the original in South Haven). For more info, visit