Ribs in the crock pot - so delish!

I can't get enough of my crock pot these days. I amazed at how you can throw just about any meat in it, add some kind of sauce or juice and then a few hours later you have a tasty meal. Ribs are one meat that are excellent when you prepare them in the crock pot. They are so tender, they simply fall off the bone. Sometimes I just pour in some barbecue sauce and a little water on the bottom and call it a day. Other times, I just experiment. Here's a recent experiment - 1 slab of ribs (rub in some garlic salt and seasoning salt -- like Market Day's "A Salt for All Seasonings", pepper, celery salt, and chili powder) and mix 1 1/2 cups Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce, a tsp Worcestershire sauce, a tsp steak sauce, a couple tbsp brown sugar. Poured it on top, added a little water to the bottom of the crock and four hours later, this was the result. Finger lickin' good! :)


  1. Hello! I'm following you from the Finding New Friends week 31 blog hop! I'm following you through GFC, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    I hope you're having a great weekend!

    Much Love,

    P.S. I'm so happy to find another fellow food blog! :) Ribs in the crock pot are one of my favorite things to make. :) And Sweet Baby Ray's is one of my favorite BBQ sauces.


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