A tip for some yummy muffins

Each summer my family makes a trip out to Michigan City, Indiana to pick blueberries. We've been going to State Line Blueberries for years. This year we got a little lost on the way and ended up at Blueberries of Indiana, which happened to be right down the road. We enjoyed out visit even though it was a hot day. The heat prevented us from picking a large abundance for freezing, but we walked away with about 11 pounds. I was fascinated by the owner who was happy to engage in conversation about berries. He's an agriculture professor at a college in North Carolina, I believe.

Anyway, what doesn't get used right away or passed on to neighbors and family members gets rinsed and put into ziplock freezer bags. Then later on they make great additions to muffins. You don't even have to thaw them. I put them right into the mix and then into the oven and they plump and some even pop, exploding with a tasty juice. Try it!!