Thankful for the Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving in the Clark house means massive amounts of food. Usually several appetizers, a huge turkey, mounds of side dishes and lots of sweets for dessert. We went lighter on the food this year since two of the six siblings and their children were missing. It still amounted to 18 people, though.

Here's the foodies sisters in the kitchen.

And Becky, doing her best Vanna White, showing off the turkey she made and some of the side dishes.

And a plate full of all the goodies.

Some of my favorites are the stuffing, which includes celery leaves, which I love. There's also egg noodles that are boiled in chicken stock and covered in gravy. And cornbread that is moistened by creamed corn and sour cream. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family and good food.


  1. Mmm this is making me wish it was Thanksgiving all over again! Hope you're holiday was wonderful :)


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