Aurelio's Pizza, Munster, IN

Chicagoans love their pizza. And we have so many good options out there. One long-time favorite in the Chicago area is Aurelio's, which originated in 1959 in Homewood, Illinois. There are now more than 35 locations in Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Georgia and Nevada with plans to expand further.

To me there are two things that set their pizza apart. One is the thin, crisp crust. The other is their sauce, which is a tad on the sweet side.

My most recent Aurelio's pizza order was a carry-out order from the location in Munster, Indiana. The kids like either sausage only or pepperoni only, so I usually get the largest side with 1/2 of each ingredient.

Hubby likes the veggies loaded on there on top of sausage, so he got a small pizza with sausage, mushrooms, green peppers and onions. Have you tried Aurelio's? What's your favorite location? And what are your favorite menu items? for locations, menu and more information.