Baker's Square Lunch Combo

Baker's Square is a place I enjoy visiting for breakfast, but once in a while I stop there for lunch, too. I love that they now have combo menu where you can mix and match between a 1/2 sandwich, a small salad and a cup of soup. There are different price points between the basic selections and the premium ones. 

I opted for a simple combo on a recent visit with just a 1/2 turkey sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread and a Caesar Salad. It also came with dessert - a slice of fruit pie. I don't normally order pie, but since it came with the meal I couldn't help but have some. I do love a little slice of cherry pie. :) It's one of my favorite places to get a turkey sandwich because it's carved turkey rather than lunchmeat slices. If you're looking to head out to lunch and are looking for a place for a light lunch, think about stopping at your local Baker's Square for a lunch combo.