Milanesa with friends

So, through a board that I sit on for a local non-profit organization, we met Leo and Maria. We spent three full days hanging out with Leo and his son at a local fest that the organization puts on each year. And following the fest, he invited us over for dinner.

When we got there, Maria was in the kitchen cooking a dish I hadn't had before - milanesa. It's a thin breaded meat that's pan fried. She served it with tortillas, refried beans, potatoes and a cucumber and tomato salad. It reminded me a little of one of my very favorite foods - weiner schnitzel, which is a German version of breaded pork.

I love trying out new ethnic foods and while I'd heard of this before, I wasn't sure exactly what it was and hadn't tried it. I've since stopped at a local Mexican store, Three Roosters, at Maria's recommendation, and bought milanesa to make at home. It didn't turn out quite as good as Maria's. I'll have to put in a little more practice because I really liked it and can see it being a regular meal in the dinner rotation.. :)

We also did some beer tasting (and tequila tasting) while we were there. :) They were wonderful hosts.