Glamma Wine Bubble Bling

The Chicago Foodie Sisters recently got a complimentary shipment from the ladies of Glamma Wines to try out. The name, the packaging, the has girl's night written all over it. But that's not to say that the fellas can't enjoy it, too. We received three of the four varieties available - the Bubble Bling California Sparkling Wine, the 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2013 Chardonnay.

The company came to be as two best friends and sisters-in-law who had been bonding over bubbly beverages for decades decided to join forces to bring a long-time dream to fruition. While I took the name to simply be slang for glamorous, I found out that it's a nickname given to grandmothers who are just too glamorous, hip and fashionable to fall into the "granny" category. They happen to have children who have children, but are far too young, gorgeous and glamorous to be called "grandma" - at least that's according to an embroidered pillow I found on Pinterest. :)

Their partnership has turned out to be quite delicious and, hey, anything that encourages girl time is good with us. We popped open our Bubble Bling at our family's Thanksgiving gathering as the appetizers came out. It was paired with cheese and crackers and fruit and dips and some light salads ~ and we gals munched and chatted and giggled and mulled about the kitchen ~ just like I'm sure the creators had intended for it to be enjoyed. With a hint of fruitiness, it was enjoyable on its own as well as with some of the light snacks we enjoyed while we waiting for the full gang to show up. And I am thinking that it would be lovely in a morning mimosa! It was given a thumbs up by all the gals that gave it a try - from the 21-year-old to the Glamma of our own family, who is a fabulous 80-years-young.

Glamma wines range from $20 - $24 and you can sign-up on line for their e-mail list to be notified when new varieties become available. The wines are specially made for the Glamma label by Solana Cellars in Paso Robles, California. We look forward to trying out the other wines and will fill you in when we do. For more on Glamma Wines, visit them online at or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

**Disclaimer: I received complimentary product for the purpose of a review. I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are my own.