Dad's birthday lunch at Glenwood Oaks

Out in the south burbs, longtime customers of Glenwood Oaks know that if you go there to dine for your birthday, you get a discount equal to your age. Dad was turning 80, so that meant an 80% discount for a meal. He decided he wanted to go early in the day for lunch. 

Glenwood Oaks is one of those places that is constant and reliable of full of nostalgia and memories for me. It's one of those classic restaurants where you know it's going to be good and almost feel like you're stepping back in time a little. Just reminds me of an old-school supper club. I've been there for countless retirement parties and other events (weddings, showers, luncheons, etc.)

I decided on the fried jumbo shrimp, which were pretty delicious and preceded by a nice salad with a killer homemade garlic dressing. Dad decided that out of everything on the menu, he had a taste for a BLT. :) He loved the fries and said they got the bacon nice and crispy, just the way he likes it. It was a nice afternoon with my wonderful father, chatting about baseball and the Cubs and how 2016 is definitely going to be their year. My visits there in recent years have been few and far between, but each time I go I am reminded of what a gem the place is and how much I enjoy their food and atmosphere.

Glenwood Oaks Rib and Chophouse
106 N. Main Street
Glenwood, IL
(708) 758-4400