Southern Grove Salad Toppers

Ah, the perils of shopping at Aldi. One day you find something. You fall head-over heels in love. And then it's gone. And that's happened with this awesome product. Each time I stop in there I hope that it's stocked on the shelf again. And I never give up hope. Suddenly and unexpectedly some of those favorites appear again and I'm confident that will happen. This product is too delicious not to make a comeback. 
In the fall, I stopped to get some salad ingredients and because I love raisins and dried berries in my salads, I looked to see what they had. I found this lovely "Salad Toppers" mix of  cranberries and honey toasted pecans. Together. In the same bag. Just ready to spread over some greens. I love to also add nuts to salads, particular flavored ones and these honey toasted pecans were amazing. I brought it home and filled a plate with kale and mixed greens, added some cherry tomatoes, some chicken breast and some feta cheese and then covered it with this mix and drizzled on some aged balsamic vinaigrette. I felt like I was enjoying a salad in one of my favorite upscale eateries rather than at my dining room table. I'm hoping this Aldi exclusive shows up again soon. I miss it so.