Breakfast at Timbrook Kitchens

I've posted a few times before about this cute little bakery cafe in Munster, Indiana that I was first introduced to at the Chesterton European Market before they had an actual storefront. I pass by it often and one of my favorite items is the mini quiche. Sometimes I get the version that is loaded with bacon, but this particular one pictured below is a tomato, feta and parsley one. What's best about it is that it has a hash brown crust that adds another layer of taste and texture and makes it more filling.

They also serve up some great breakfast sandwiches and the sweet breakfast items are fantastic, as well. I love the scones and buckles and cinnamon cigars. I've yet to try the cinnamon rolls, but they always look very tempting.

If you're rolling through Munster early in the day, drop by and try it out for yourself. Also, follow along on Facebook where the photos will leave you drooling on your keyboard.

Timbrook Kitchens
17 Ridge Road
Munster, IN
(219) 241-9558