Chuck E Cheese introduces new menu items

Kids' entertainment centers or chains might not be a place you would think of for good pizza. However, Chuck E Cheese has stepped up their game in the food department. They've got new pizza recipes with hand-stretched dough, locally sourced veggie toppings and a fresh whole milk mozzarella grated fresh every day. They're offering a new thin crust and some other new items, like pretzel dippers, along with a variety of sandwiches on ciabatta rolls, wraps and their salad bar.

I love that they offer a salad bar where everything is super fresh and cold and that they have a good variety of ingredients, from spinach to sesame seeds to beets.

If you haven't tried the new menu items at Chuck E Cheese, you will be surprised at the quality and taste. The Thin & Crispy pizza even beat out Pizza Hut in a recent national blind taste test.

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One more thing to like about Chuck E Cheese - games are only one token, so when you purchase tokens they go pretty far. Not to brag, but I'm a pretty magnificent Skee Ball player and I always have to reserve some tokens for myself and get a few rounds in when I take the kids there.