Pulled pork sandwiches

One of the easiest meals I make for my family is pulled pork sandwiches. I know a lot of people use pork shoulder or a pork roast, but I prefer a lean pork tenderloin. I usually get a cracked pepper or garlic and herb flavor.

1 black peppercorn pork tenderloin (about one pound)
1/2 bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce
8 hamburger buns

Place the tenderloin in a crock pot and put a small amount of water on the bottom of the crock pot, just enough to cover the bottom. Cover the tenderloin with about half of a bottle of sauce. Put on "high" setting for about 4 hours. Because it's such a lean cut, it shouldn't need to be drained. You can shred it right in the crock pot for serving and keeping warm. If it doesn't shred easily after four hours, add another hour or so or move to slow for a couple additional hours. Serve on hamburger buns with additional barbecue sauce.