Little Tiebet: Bloomington, IN

On a recent trip to Bloomington, Indiana, we made our way over to a little area known as "International Row" for the number of international restaurants you'll find there. The little college town is definitely a melting pot and it shows in the food offerings. 

We ended up at Anyetsang’s Little Tiebet, which offers Tibetan, Indian and Thai cuisine. Owner Pema Wangchen, a Tibetan refugee who ended up in Nepal, India before immigrating to the United States bought the existing restaurant in 2013. He served as a Buddhist monk during his time in India and the restaurant features quotes by the Dali Lama on the walls.

We tried a combo of their dumplings, which came with two each of five different varieties. My favorite was the Shogo, which was filled with mashed potato and green and yellow onion. It came with a cup of their lentil soup and I added a cup of Tibetan tea.

It was a nice introduction to some cuisine I hadn't experienced before. Our visit here also led us to make out way to the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center for a little more cultural education on the lovely grounds. 

If you find yourself in Bloomington, carve out a little time to have a bit at Little Tiebet. For more information, visit