Phil's Pizza: Classic Chicago Pizza in Bridgeport

If you're not from the Chicago area, you're likely under the misconception of what "Chicago-style pizza" really is. While deep dish is definitely a beloved version of pizza that has a place in Chicago food landscape, it's not the type that dominates pizzerias in and around the city. More commonly, a thin crust version is what Chicagoans choose as their go-to.

You'll find places throughout the city and burbs that serve up this wonderful thin crust specialty. There's nothing like a thin crust with those crunchy edges covered in cheese - and in my world, sausage and green pepper make an ideal pie. Sometimes mushrooms and onions, too, if I'm in the mood for them. 

I grew up on these thin crust masterpieces. Our family favorite was Vesuvio's Pizza in Riverdale. Vesuvio's is now long gone and I'm always trying to recreate that taste. One place I've found that is a close reminder of those delicious pies our family consumed most Saturday nights is Phil's Pizza in Chicago's south side neighborhood of Bridgeport. It's located just down the street from Guaranteed Rate Field, home of the Chicago White Sox. And they've been serving up that tantalizing thin crust since 1960. I tend to get there for a game usually once or twice a season and I always head straight to Phil's afterward for an extra large pizza to go. As you can imagine, I make a good dent in it as I make my way home, starting with those perfect little corners. 

If you find yourself on the south side or plan to head to a Sox game, do not leave Bridgeport without picking up a pizza. You're welcome. Be sure to tell them the Chicago Foodie Sister sent you!