Picking out a peck of pickled peppers

Ok, so these aren't PICKLED peppers, but I always liked rattling off tounge-twisters. So these are some peppers picked from a garden. Not mine. We got a lot of peppers, but they didn't get very big. My father-in-law had much better luck.

I learned how to make stuffed bell peppers from a former co-worker, Jeanine DesJardins. She always made stuffed peppers and stuffed cabbage at the same time and I often do the same since the filling is the same. Some tomato sauce (and sometimes I add in some chunks of fresh tomatoes), some rice, some ground beef, some diced green pepper, sometimes some onion and some spices. I think of her every time I make them. I also sprinkled a little Parmesan on top. You can also top with shredded cheese the last couple minutes so that it melts nicely. You just clean the peppers and then boil. Then put in a casserole dish, fill and then bake them for about 15 mintues. The smell will drive you wild even if you're not a big pepper fan.