Amish goodies are worth stopping for

A couple years ago, our family took a trip to Amish country. We visited Amish attractions and did some shopping. And then went to our hotel - with a water park. Best of both worlds. :) I so admire the Amish way of life, but am so sure I couldn't do it myself.

I do love browsing Amish stores and trying Amish food. On that trip, we left Shipshewana, IN and headed for our next stop in Michigan. Our route was dotted with Amish farms. We stopped at one to buy some produce and loved seeing the Amish kids dressed in their solid color clothing sitting at the stand to help us.

At another farm stand we encountered, there was no one manning the stand. Just a little box to drop your cash in and a sign above it that read, "If we don't see you steal, GOD WILL." I guess that's enough to deter a would be tomato thief. :)

So, besides getting some berries and veggies, we noticed some fresh baked goods. We got some cookies and loaves of bread that were still warm. As we drove, my husband munched on the Amish baked goodies. He's not normally a bread person, but he LOVED it....enough to declare that he was leaving me for an Amish woman. LOL

Whenever we are traveling somewhere and find Amish goodies, we always pick some up to bring back home. A recent trip to Kentucky landed us in a bed and breakfast that was a former Amish farm. While staying there, we could see the Amish neighbors on the adjoining farm doing there chores. The little gift shop at the B & B had some Amish made items. I came back with some apple butter for my in-laws, some pear jam for my mom and this for me. I'll bet it will taste good on my morning toast.