Summertime is pie time

I prepare most of the summer meals on the grill. A few go in the crock pot. Once in a while I'll make a skillet meal. It's not too often that I turn on the oven in July or August...unless it's to make pie. We like to take trips to pick various fruits. This summer it was blueberries in July. Peaches in August. We also picked a few apples and there will be more apple picking to come. We've had a nice cool down lately, so I've been baking a lot this week -- muffins, brownies, cake, bread and PIE. I love to make blueberry pies with what we pick, but it's also tasty to mix them. My in-laws have raspberry bushes and we usually get a good amount from them, so I like to add them to the blueberry pies. Sometimes I throw in some strawberries, too. The results are juicy and tasty.

I saw a recipe online for peach galette. It's basically a pie without the top crust. You use a pie crust and fold it over the top a bit, but it still leaves the center exposed. Had a slice of this the other night with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream. Oooooh, was that good!

I've got a full bushel of apples, but haven't gotten to those yet. I see more pies in my future.