Blackbird Cafe

So, I was recently out in Valparaiso, Indiana and met up with a sweet girl, Christa, who has been a Facebook friend for awhile, though her husband who used to write for a newspaper that I also write for. It's so nice to meet someone face to face after you've gotten to know them online. She's the mom of an adorable little girl and we had a blast chatting over lunch about mom stuff. It's funny...when her she and her hubby had a baby pool going on Facebook late in her pregnancy, I had the closest guess to baby's birth date, time, weight and length. As a prize, Christa sent me a cute candle holder that I still use all the time. She suggested the Blackbird Cafe for lunch and we enjoyed some tea, a sandwich and soup.

This is what I had - a roast beef, arugula, tomato and Gorgonzola cheese panini with a cup of chicken lemon rice soup and a cup of passion fruit black tea. Everything was wonderful!!!

Christa had a dill and salmon croissant (smoked salmon, bacon, homemade dill mayo, cucumber and tomato on croissant) and a cup of sausage and bean soup.

And since I'm always taking more pictures of food than people, I made sure to snap one of Christa. :)


  1. YUM! I LOVE Blackbird and reviewed them a while back too. Was jsut there Monday night for knitting group. Glad you got to enjoy. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.


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